“It’s true that it was extremely well paid”: Virginie Efira does not regret and umes to have participated in “LOL: who laughs, comes out!”

In an interview, the actress returns to the controversy aroused by Blanche Gardin who had revealed the salaries received by the actors in the program broadcast on Amazon Prime Video.

On April 20, Blanche Gardin threw a stone into the pond by revealing that she had been approached to participate in “LOL: who laughs, comes out” against the sum of 200,000 euros. Proposal that the comedian refused. ” It bothers me to touch this maddening sum “, she justified in a letter shared on social networks. A month later, Virginie Efirawho participated in season 3, reacts.

This message did not upset the actress. “When I saw Blanche Gardin’s letter, I said to myself: “She’s already so much funnier, plus she has a lot more virtue!”», she confides in the columns of Parisian . “But what we do with our money is up to us. We can’t race for purity: cinema is also an industry, with large groups… If we’re looking for radicality, it’s complex“, adds the former host of” Nouvelle Star “ who is pregnant with her second child.

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Virginie Efira has no regrets about having participated in the last season. “The only thing is, I thought to myself that I had been presumptuous in thinking that I could be comfortable there. I can be funny when I’m asked not to be funny, but if there’s an obligation to be, I’m not much», entrusts the one who won the César for best actress last February. And recognize :It’s true that it was extremely well paid, I also thought it would be fun to be with François Damiens, Jonathan Cohen, Leïla (Bekhti). And then, when I found myself there, I said to myself what am I stuck in!“, she concludes with humor on the subject.

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