Ius soli, the appeal of the Italian-Egyptian director Kenawi to Schlein: “Now let’s put an end to this grave injustice”

Ius soli, the appeal of the Italian-Egyptian director Kenawi to Schlein: “Now let’s put an end to this grave injustice”

The Tam Tam basketball is the team of Castel Volturno formed by second generation immigrant boys, a story that fascinated and captured the interest of the media from all over the world. Young people who, thanks to the intervention of Mario Draghi and the decision of the Italian Basketball Federation, have made a dream come true: to participate in the national championship of Excellence Under 17.

This reality was told by Mohamed Kenawi, a talented film director and producer, of Egyptian origin and Italian citizenship. Kenawi is now addressing the new secretary of the Democratic Party, Elly Schleinwhich intends to bring forward a new law for the Ius Soli.

“Already at today’s National Assembly – says Kenawi – he would like to propose a”Spring of Rights“: political and parliamentary actions for the defense of the rights of every human being. I would be happy to be able to make the film available for the diffusion in the headquarters of the Democratic Party and to offer it for viewing to all the cultural centers interested in the area».

Tam Tam Basketball, the story of children and denied rights becomes a film: the case lands at the Leopolda

Gian Marco Passerini

Kenawi recognizes the commitment of the Democratic Party in past legislatures and “the courageous activism of some of its parliamentarians”. The director and producer of Domino Film bets on the power of cinematographic communication and addresses Schlein directly: «I think that, yesterday as today, it is the best way to make young people and all Italians understand what is meant by Ius Soli, for put an end to one grave injustice».

The trailer of the documentary on Mohamed Kenawi’s Tam Tam Basketball

Thanks to the contribution of Al Jazeera Networkthe documentary film Tam Tam Basket received several awards last year: fromFilm Festival integration of Bergamo toIschia Film Festivalfrom the Everyone’s land of Bologna a Peoples and religions of Terni. Kenawi threw another stone into the pond. We’ll see if Elly Schlein takes advantage of his availability and manages to involve him in this one new battle for rights.

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