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Ivanka Trump, the daughter of former US President Donald Trump, testified at the hearing of the ongoing case in New York on the charge that her family companies “defrauded many people and institutions in the real estate industry for years.”

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Ivanka Trump testified

Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, arrived at the state Supreme Court building in Manhattan amid chants of “Crime family” from a group of protesters outside.

Prosecuting attorney Lou Solomon asked Ivanka Trump, who was on the witness stand in court, questions about her general role in her father’s companies, the development of real estate ets and securing financing.

Ivanka Trump, regarding her father’s financial dealings in the real estate sector and the loans he received from banks, said, “I do not specifically remember any discussion about financial statements.” He replied:

Ivanka Trump, who was questioned by Trump’s defense lawyer Jesus Suares after the prosecution lawyers, denied the accusations against her father and argued that, contrary to the allegations, banks were always willing to work with Trump companies.

Ivanka Trump became the fourth person from the Trump family to testify after her father Trump appeared before the judge on November 6.

Trump’s children Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump also testified in the same case last week.


As a result of the trial, which started on October 2 and is expected to last until mid-December, Judge Arthur Engoron, who is presiding over the case, will decide on issues such as how much to fine Trump companies and whether their license to do business in New York state will be revoked.

Since the case is a civil fraud case, not a criminal one, it is not foreseen that anyone will receive a prison sentence as a result of the trial.

Former US President Trump, who had not previously attended many of the hearings of the cases filed against him on charges of “ harment” and “tax fraud”, repeatedly attended the hearings of this case, even though he was not obliged to testify, which caused intense media interest as a “surprise development”.


New York Attorney General Letitia James, in the indictment alleging that Trump, his three children and his company’s wealth was overstated by 3.6 billion dollars, asked the judge to prevent Trump and his children from establishing a company in New York again, to ban them from purchasing commercial real estate for 5 years and to impose a 250-year fine. He demands that he be fined millions of dollars.

In the lawsuit filed on the charge that “he defrauded many individuals and institutions in the real estate industry for years”, Judge Arthur Engöron stated that the former President and his company, the “Trump Organization”, defrauded banks, insurers and business people by overvaluing his ets and exaggerating his net worth in agreements and financing documents. He ruled that the charges be heard in court.

In his 35-page decision, Engoron stated that Trump and his company and managers obtained loans at favorable terms and low insurance premiums by constantly lying about their annual financial situation.

Trump’s lawyers also appealed to the New York court of appeals regarding Engoron’s decision that Trump and other defendants were responsible for fraud.

In the application, it was requested to evaluate whether Judge Engoron “made legal and/or factual errors, abused his discretion and/or acted beyond his authority” in making his decision. (AA)

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