Jack Lang, controversial speech and awards: why the Flames ceremony did not please everyone

“The Flames of Hell”. We knew he was very active in his “war” against those he calls “influencers”. On Friday, Booba found a new target. A few hours after the first edition of Les Flammes, “the ceremony of popular cultures” organized by the media specializing in hip-hop Yard and Booska-P, the “Duc de Boulogne” launched into a series of criticisms at the against the evening and its organizers.

However, the first edition of Les Flammes has all of a ceremony worthy of the name. A parade of leading artists of the moment, such as Gazo, Tiakola or Aya Nakamura, audiences to match (over a million spectators in total), at least 135,000 voters on social networks, a ceremony at the top of the trends Twitter during most of the evening of Thursday… But all these signals of success did not prevent the critics from bursting out, whether through renowned rappers or Internet users.

“How your rappers can walk serenely on the red carpet”

First element pointed out: the arrival of Jack Lang, the former Minister of Culture, notably criticized for having signed a petition in 1977 which demanded clemency for three perpetrators of acts of pedophilia. “Three years in prison for caresses and kisses, that’s enough”, could we read in the latter.

Spotted by Internet users and then relayed by Booba, his presence at the theater provoked strong reactions on Twitter, with hundreds of sulphurous tweets against him. Laurent Bouneau, Director General of Programs at the skyrock radio, defended the former minister: “I am devastated to see the comments surrounding the arrival of Jack Lang (…) We owe him the neighboring rights, the Zeniths, the Music Festival…”. Booba’s reaction was quick: “You dared (…) Those who are still going to set foot in Skyrock, you are crazy allies”.

The (very) controversial sentence of Dinos

Another highlight of the evening, the coronation of dinosaurs, who won the award for best album of the year with “Winter in Paris”. He was in competition with two of the most prominent rappers of the moment: Gazo… and SDM, produced by Booba. Who did not appreciate the defeat of his artist at all. “It was loaded in advance brother. (A self-proclaimed ceremony), organized by Booska-P, Yard… It’s as if Jamel Debbouze was organizing an arm wrestling championship”, accuses “Kopp”.

Above all, it was Dinos’ speech on stage that set Twitter ablaze. “Whatever you want to do, do it. If you want to dream, travel, s… Do what you want but love it, ”launched the rapper, before sending a beautiful message of unity to the rap industry. But it is his very controversial sentence which, in addition to having provoked reactions in the room, became viral in the wake of the ceremony.

in Zola’s gl?

Rapper Zola has also been talked about. Or rather, the capacity of his gl. In a story posted on his Snapchat account, the artist films behind the scenes of the ceremony, then zooms in on his cup. We distinguish a liquid that strongly resembles of “lean”a drug produced with codeine-based cough syrup and an antihistamine, all combined with soda.

A regular consumer certifies to Le Parisien, after watching the video, that the gl does indeed contain “lean”. “Once again, we salute the exemplarity”, ironically on Twitter the youtuber with more than 50,000 TPZ subscribers, specializing in rap. “No medicine in my cup stupid bitch “, replied Zola on Instagram. The video from the artist’s Snapchat story, recorded and then relayed on Twitter, now has more than six million views.

In addition to Booba, other successful rappers have criticized “Les Flammes”. SDM, him, accuses the organizers of having scratched the title of his piece “Yesterday again”, during his page on stage. “We respect people for not being respected (…) Strength to you and forever”, regrets the rapper from Clamart. Soso Maness, Marseille artist with hundreds of millions of views on YouTube, charges a ceremony that looks like “a fashion show”. Contacted by Le Parisien, the organizers of the Booska-P and Yard event did not wish to “comment on the small controversies” around the event.

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