Jack London, a convict of writing, shaped by the cadences of the factory

THE FIRST PROFESSION OF WRITERS (3/5) – From the age of 10, the American writer multiplied odd jobs to help his family. He forced himself to write at least a thousand words a day.

Writers rarely live by their pen. To boil the pot, they often exercise, in parallel, a professional activity. Sources of literary inspiration, these trades, more or less loved, nourish their work. Through these romantic echoes of the professional world, Le Figaro offers you an offbeat study of work over the centuries.

“Wasn’t”: one or two words? On this basic question, jack london did not admit of debate: the contraction is obviously worth double. Journal editors lined up or disappeared. First star of American literature before Hemingway, the writer counted and recounted until the end of his life, in his letters to his friends, the number of words of his articles in order to better predict the income he would draw from them. He was an intractable negotiator: became famous thanks to the Great White Silence in 1899, he signed a wondrous contract with a New York magazine at $1.25 a word, when his peers received on average…

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