Jade and Joy Hallyday tackle David Hallyday and Laura Smet

Jade and Joy Hallyday in “Seven to Eight” Screenshot

The two adopted daughters of Johnny and Laeticia Hallyday gave their first television interview this Sunday, December 10 in Audrey Crespo-Mara’s portrait of “Sept à quatre” broadcast on TF1.

Although their actions had been scrutinized since their childhood, the two young women spoke on television for the first time. Aged 19 and 15 respectively, Jade and Joy accepted in the face of Audrey Crespo-Mara in the portrait of “Seven to eight” broadcast this Sunday, December 10 on TF1 to look back on their adoption in Vietnam, their childhood alongside their rocker father but also the loss felt since his death on December 5, 2017.

They were not the only children of Johnny Hallyday. The man had David in 1966 with Sylvie Vartan and Laura in 1983 with Nathalie Baye. However, the latter did not maintain the same closeness with their father as their younger daughters.

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“We didn’t talk too much about our half-brothers and half-sisters,” said Jade when Audrey Crespo-Mara asked her about the relationship that the artist had with her two eldest children. “I didn’t see he was any closer. It was mainly our mother who tried to bring them closer together but, in the end when he was ill, our father preferred to spend time with us because he felt good”, declared the eldest of the two girls to the journalist. The four siblings would still have spent moments together during holidays or celebrations like Christmas, but according to Jade and Joy, these moments were like “strengths”.

Jealousy and tensions

Johnny Hallyday ultimately never had the same relationship with Laura and David as with Jade and Joy, as they themselves affirm. “The difference is that he raised us, he was there for us […] and not too much for them. It created a bit of jealousy and tension.” “But we could still have resolved things at the end”Joy estimated.

Because indeed, it was not the death of the singer that brought the brothers and sisters together. For two years, two camps opposed and tore each other apart. On the one hand Laeticia Hallyday and his two daughters, Jade and Joy. On the other, Laura Smet and David Hallyday. A war badly experienced by the two cadets.

“We felt betrayed and abandoned by our own family. They promised us that they would always be there for us, that we would see each other regularly but […] we never saw them again since dad’s funeral in Saint Barth”, lamented Jade and Joy. The two young women regretted not having been able to build a stronger bond with them after the death of their father. For six years, they have had no contact with their half-brothers and half-sisters. “They said horrible things about our mother, lies. They created stories about us and about our mother, very painful things that come from our own family.”

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