James Dean’s first acting contract, estimated at $3,000, at auction

The collection – of nearly 400 pieces that belonged to the actor – was found in the estate of his agent Jane Deacy. The treasure will go on sale through Sanders Auctions on May 25.

A collection of nearly 400 pieces from the actor James Dean, found in the estate of his agent Jane Deacy in New York, will be available at auction on May 25, the auction house Nate D. Sanders Auctions announced on Tuesday. A godsend for his fans who are eagerly awaiting the last pieces belonging to this movie star. ” To say this collection is unprecedented is an understatement. “says Sanders Auctions in a press release. ” A collection of this size and quality has never been available since Dean died almost 70 years ago. years. »

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Among these documents, photos signed by his hand at a minimum cost of 7500 dollars, his motorcycle license card, or his correspondence with Jane Deacy. He viewed his agent as his second mother, calling her “mom“in his letters found, where he confided his fear of playing his first role in the film East of Eden. But above all, the most desired item that is on sale is his first acting contract with Warner Bros., ” one of the most important in Hollywood history according to the auction house.

Photograph signed by James Dean, offered to his agent Jane Deacy: “To mum, my heart and thanks”. Screenshot of the official Nate D. Sanders Auctions website.

It was in April 1954 that James Dean signed his first contract with the production company Warner Bros. for his first film East of Eden by Elia Kazan. The studio had, following this, the possibility of maintaining its contract for several films. This is how the actor’s career took off in 1956 when Nicholas Ray entrusted him with the role of Jim Stark, a misunderstood and violent teenager in There Fury of Living next to Natalie Wood.

During this shoot, it’s a revelation: James Dean takes a pion for motor racing and buys his first Porsche 356 Speedster. He will chain races, until his last and fatal on Route 466 towards Salinas, California. It was there that he killed himself in a car aged just 24, on September 30, 1955. The transaxle embly of the Porsche 550 Spyder in which he had died was notably sold at auction for the sum of 313,000 d euros in 2021.

Died two weeks after the end of filming Giant, he is one of the few to receive the Oscar for best actor posthumously for his first film role. George Stevens’ film, in which he shares the screen with Elizabeth Taylor And Rock Hudsonreleased the year after his death in 1956.

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