Jarosław Kaczyński: we think about Poland in a really long term

We think about Poland in a really long term; we are thinking about a country that will be very modern, strong and prosperous at the same time, but at the same time will regain what – I am not talking about borders, of course – what it lost during the wars – said the deputy prime minister, president of PiS, Jarosław Kaczyński in Elbląg.

On Wednesday, Kaczyński, together with PiS candidates for the Sejm and Senate from the province. Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship took part in a meeting with voters in Elbląg. “We will win even more because we really have both teams – because there are two constituencies here – very strong and one where everyone has a chance, they just have to fight hard. Each of you has a chance to be in parliament – you have to fight until the last day of the last hour, this Friday, October 13th,” he said to the candidates from the province. Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship.

“If this fight continues, what is becoming more and more clear today will simply become a fact – it will become a fact and, on the one hand, of course, a moment of great joy, but on the other, also a huge challenge – I have already said that we have a program for eight years , but it is not enough for Poland to achieve what it should achieve, what we, Poles, deserve,” said the head of PiS.

“We have to achieve this. There is also a +vision+ part in the program, rather for younger generations, because it will take a little longer – to make Poland a country that, on the one hand, is very modern, very strong, very wealthy, but which at the same time is regaining all this – I am not talking about of course about borders – what it lost because of the wars. Of course, it is impossible to recover those people who were murdered or who died in combat, but many of the material things that we have lost, which are still missing – also in this city – can be recovered. And this is the plan for the next decades,” Kaczyński also emphasized.

We think about Poland, he said, “in a really long term.” “We are thinking about a Poland that for many centuries was only a dream, and today within several dozen years, or maybe – if it comes to catching up with the richest – in a shorter time, it may become a fact. (…) In a few weeks we will decide whether this path will be chosen. This is really the path to great success – and the second, different path is the well-known eight stars,” he added. (PAP)

authors: Mikołaj Małecki, Agnieszka Libudzka

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