Jason Tesson wins the 2nd stage of the Tropicale Amissa Bongo

Jean-René Bernaudeau, the boss of TotalEnergies who has returned here in Gabon to his former position as sports director at the wheel of the car, said of Jason Tesson at the start this Tuesday morning that his rider was ” nervous since arriving here, but it’s a pretty good sign, it means he’s looking forward to winning. The Angevin knew perfectly well what he had to do on this second stage, and he did not flinch in the last meters from the finish after a good climb which led to the line.

With Geoffrey Soupe, Lorrenzo Manzin and Émilien Jeannière, the reservoir of fast men in the Vendée team on the Tropicale Amissa Bongo is sufficient to avoid failures. After the Soup Monday victory in Oyem thanks to the mastery of his teammates, that of another rider from TotalEnergies was almost obvious for this second day. It was still necessary to know which one would come out of the hat. The explosiveness of Jason Tesson was enough to make the difference and afford a first success in his new colors.

His arrival this year in the team of Jean-René Bernaudeau already looked like a beginning of achievement for this runner that everyone knew was particularly good at sprinting since his young years but who had to wait before integrating the top -level and his dream team, TotalEnergies, which could not hire him in 2020 because he did not come out of his ranks in the Vendée U. A must for amateurs who turn pros with him.

He had been picked up by Stéphane Heulot in his amateur club Sojasun before finally turning pro in 2021 at Saint-Michel – Auber 93. If this was just a simple passage in his career plan, while waiting for a sign of Jean-René Bernaudeau, he was crowned with three valuable successes on stages at the Four Days of Dunkirk, the Tour du Poitou-Charentes and the Boucles de la Mayenne. At 25 and even if he has not always been able to play at the same level as his fellow sprinters, he knows that he now has a good place to make.

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