Jean-Aimé Toupane: "A match rich in lessons"

Jean-Aimé Toupane, coach of the France team, beaten by Japan in a preparation match for the World Cup on Sunday (59-69) : “It was difficult to keep the tempo, we didn't always know how to play differently. We've always said that you shouldn't play on a single speed, that you have to bring the ball under it from time to time. It was a good test, to see that we are able to respond to the challenge. We lost 18 balls because we weren't clear. It's a game rich in lessons. We held them defensively and we had less success than against Australia (Friday, 92-88). By putting a little more in it, we would have been closer. We will not win all the matches with success. The World Cup, you play a different basketball every day, you have to remember it. We lose ten points but it was played with few things. We will meet shortly and move on the list. »

Marine Fauthoux, leader of the France team : “Compared to the Olympic Games (France had lost twice, 74-70 in the pools and 87-71 in the semi-finals), we were able to stay up against them. In this match we started well, there was a race for the score. We learned from some mistakes, we saw the details that weigh us down at the end. They play a lot in first intention, with a lot of shots, we took some away from them, we managed that pretty well. We weren't skilful, we have to know how to alternate and no longer get the ball inside. It's better to make those mistakes now. I'm not more worried than that when you see the beating we take in the semi-finals last year. »

Sarah Michel, defender and captain of the France team : “We are two different teams in relation to the Games. Our mistake in Tokyo was that we were far from them in the semi-finals and we had left some distance thinking of containing their speed. We came back to these shortcomings in the second half today. We lacked skill but we will have to find work-study when we don't put in it. If we can do that, I think we can put them in trouble. We know that if we are intense in defense we will be able to play counter-attacks and transitions. We need to lose fewer balls too. The shots we miss are not only related to fatigue, we have to improve on this aspect. We have the players for and the bench to maintain our intensity. We face the United States tomorrow (Monday, in an unofficial match), it will be something else, it's not the same profile, but it should allow us to move forward. »

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