Jean-Baptiste Chandelier’s paragliding chase-style proximity flight

With him, everything seems so simple. Jean Baptiste Chandelier, a French freestyle paraglider and specialist in unusual videos, has made “No Way”, a four-minute short film in which he sets out to meet other mountain users during a crazy proximity flight. From tens of meters above sea level to a few centimeters from the road, the Habs made an unconventional flight punctuated by improbable exchanges.

“Gring cars, sometimes from the front…”

In his crazy descent of mythical pes, “JB” had fun in turn with cars, cyclists or long-boarders. In “No Way”, he flew over the roads of the Col des Savines (Hautes-Alpes) alongside four-wheelers, dodging them, brushing past them, or even inviting himself aboard a convertible, and used a long truck as a landing and then take-off ramp to p a tunnel blocking its path. “Beyond proximity theft, which requires constant attention, says Chandelier, the biggest challenge of this project lay in the interaction with the different people I met during the flight, in particular the fact of brushing against the cars, sometimes from the front… »

After a chase with the police, he finally escaped by the Lac de Serre-Ponçon by carrying out a Infinity Tumblinga kind of backflip (back flip) very technical in the air, in which the pilot pes over his canopy several times. An impressive video that sometimes makes you forget the technicality and the difficulty of the performance.

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