Jean-Christophe Buisson: “The worst of all worlds”

CHRONICLE – Fierce, funny, very politically incorrect, such is Laurent Firode’s sketch film, The World after 3.

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Let’s be honest: without the recommendation of a dear friend and the angry review of Telerama talking about a film whereright-wing anarchism here is the worst of humor boomer stylewith blows primarily aimed at environmental activists” it is not sure that we would have gone to see the third part of World after by Laurent Firodereleased in a few theaters last week.

We would have been very wrong and not to talk about it would have been a professional error as it is so delightful, unique and successful. This series of sketches more or less linked to each other certainly speaks about Khmer Greens, but not only. They mock, with a ferocity, an irony, a cynicism and a black humor (in short: a freedom) worthy of Desproges or Proust (Gaspard), of everything ridiculous, despairing or dangerous that our time can produce.

A delightful, unique and successful film

What do we see there? Two guinea fowl from vegan cities filming themselves in a field before a rooster comes to disturb their…

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