Jean-Michel Aulas (OL): “We pay for mistakes that I cannot accept”

Jean-Michel Aulas (OL): “We pay for mistakes that I cannot accept”

About Juninho

“I would not have said anything if he had not allowed himself, four days ago, to say that we should have let Rayan Cherki go to PSG, when he had decided, when he was there, that this player would not succeed. We made mistakes, it’s true. But over the past two years, we’ve paid for mistakes that I can’t take on, since I gave him the keys. It’s the truth. I know the media tends to believe former players more easily than managers, but history shouldn’t be rewritten. He didn’t do the job, that’s all. »

“Alas out? I was told that it was a young Belgian journalist who had released this, and that reassured me. »

Jean-Michel Aulas, president of OL.

About Cherki

“I had a long time with Nasser (al-Khelaïfi), who called me on Saturday evening, to find out whether or not we were in negotiations for Rayan Cherki. I told him no, and Nasser told me, okay, it’s over, and he added that PSG would therefore not make a new offer. I thank him for this direct and sincere contact. We did not enter into negotiations, but the level of the offer was insulting. »

Aulas out on the internet

“Yes, it touched me. I found that terrible. And then I was told that it was a young Belgian journalist who had released that, and that reassured me. »

“Normally, there will be three offensive rookies…”

The return to Groupama Stadium on Wednesday

“The players were strong enough to win here in Ajaccio (2-0), and it is also a message to the supporters: it means that under optimal conditions, they can perform well. The environment, Wednesday against Brest, will be very important. Am I dreading this return to Groupama Stadium? Of course I apprehend it! Arriving at the stadium against Strasbourg (1-2), I was scared, agricultural bombs exploded under the players’ bus… These are not the best conditions to play. But if we can continue on Wednesday, we can find a positive dynamic. »


“Normally, there will be three offensive recruits, awaiting medical visits. Jeffinho is coming, he’s on the plane, and John (Textor) is very annoyed, given the reaction of thousands of Botafogo supporters. We are expecting Amin Sarr (Heerenveen). For Isidor, it’s complicated, we continue to discuss with Lokomotiv Moscow. Laurent Blanc wanted a central defender and a defensive midfielder as a priority. Dejan Lovren arrived, but for the defensive midfielder, it’s complicated, because we want a player superior to what we have. But we are going to break part of our piggy bank to succeed in this transfer window with John (Textor), and relaunch ourselves. »

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