Jean-Noël Spitzer (Vannes): “The referee gets lost on his own”

Jean-Noël Spitzer (trainer of Vannes, beaten at Oyonnax 26-21): “In the script we wrote, there was Oyonnax leading to the break. We knew that the start of the second period would be important, but we had to have less than two marks of difference. We had this possession in the 22, we did the job, that was the scenario. We are disappointed, we did not score. I wanted victory, I have to digest. He didn’t miss much, the perfect match doesn’t exist. The referee loses himself on their first try, the scrum should have been replayed.

I did not have a good feeling with the refereeing corps during the meeting we had. I had the feeling that we lacked consideration. There is a form of status that we do not yet have. I had a bad feeling, I told my staff. I don’t understand refereeing, it was artistic blurring. I am happy with the players who have taken charge, there has been great quality for three months. I am grateful for the work done. But it may be our gl ceiling… There is a form of concern for next season. I am lucid. »

“We can harbor regrets, we felt excitement in them. We are really disappointed”

Gwenaël Duplenne (back of Vannes)

Joseph Edwards (third line of Vannes) : “The match is not played much, we had the match point at the end. It’s the little details that make a match rock. It went to nothing, we are very proud of our team, it’s great to have had this beautiful match, we believed in it even if the challenge was big. We are sad to miss it a bit. You have to digest, get some fresh air with friends and leave. 4 months ago, we were 11th, there is a bit of disappointment, but despite everything, I am proud of my team, of the performance. You have to enjoy the holidays. »

Gwenaël Duplenne (back of Vannes) “I don’t think we suffered in the scrum, opposite there was still a pillar who is called up to the France team (Laclayat). And then, there are decisions, they are what they are but we were not opened. It was played on a scramble in a ruck. We can feed regrets, we felt feverishness in them. We are really disappointed. It’s true, we had a weak time. Oyonnax was under pressure, took the points when usually, it’s a team that goes into touch. In the rucks, it was the fair. It helps to play a half at home. It does not play much, two wins. It’s up to us to be constant. »

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