Jean Paul Gaultier confides in his past in “50’inside”

Jean Paul Gaultier confides in his past in “50’inside”

Despite having said goodbye to Haute-Couture three years ago, the 70-year-old couturier continues to honor his passion by being at the head of a burlesque show.

Accompanied by a red ribbon on the chest in support of Sidaction, Jean paul Gaultier lent itself to the game of “questions / answers” introduced by Nikos Aliagas in the show’s portrait of the week “50’inside” broadcast on TF1. While the couturier bowed out on January 22, 2020, just a few weeks before the Covid-19 epidemic, he does not regret his decision to leave Haute-Couture. “It was joyful because ultimately it was a choice. I decided to stop this fashion cycle. Fifty years of fashion is very good, but that’s enough. Afterwards, we are perhaps much less receptive and less sharp, I believe.

And yet, the 70-year-old man continues to be present on the artistic scene with his show combining song, fashion and dance: Fashion Freak Show. “Basically, I did this job to be loved and I realized that people could love me through my drawings and then afterwards through the clothes I made. It’s the best proof of love.”he says smiling at Nikos Aliagas.

But this is not the only love that the couturier has known. He found in the businessman Francis Menuge an unwavering support. However, this fifteen-year relationship that prompted the designer to launch his own brand will suddenly end. The man died in September 1990 of the AIDS virus. “Sidaction touches me particularly because I am from the generation that knew Sidaction from the start. The first wave fell on my friend, Francis, who was my companion.he remembers painfully.

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