Jean-Pierre Siutat, president of the FFB, after the lost final against Spain: "A defeat does not change the dynamic"

“Of course, winning is a catalyst for development. Sure, we would have liked to snatch this gold medal. But a match does not change the face of the Earth, the work accomplished or the beautiful dynamic of French basketball. Have chained three podiums in the biggest competitions (2019 World Bronze, 2021 Olympic Silver, 2022 European Silver) shows the consistency at the highest level of our French team.

I include in this success the regularity of the girls and what we are building in the 3 x 3. It is a witness to the seriousness of French basketball, the involvement of its leaders, as well as the guarantee of a solid and stable policy. The fact of having trusted Vincent Collet and his staff, by analyzing and filling in our gaps and weaknesses, has paid off.

Boris Diaw, historic captain, is also an essential pawn as general manager, in the link between players and staff, relations with the NBA... This is not a guarantee of success, but a success factor. We don't know where we will be in ten years, but we continue to produce players. What the seniors, who have built their attachment to the selection over the years, are doing is a signal for the young people. They must continue to invest in the France jersey. May they too come and take up the torch and live this dream.

Boris Diaw alongside Evan Fournier at the Euro.  (A. Mounic/The Team)

Boris Diaw alongside Evan Fournier at the Euro. (A. Mounic/The Team)

Because what we showed again this summer tells us about our ability to perform, with additional players - Nicolas Batum, Nando De Colo, Victor Wembanyama. In 2023 and 2024, we will want to go for gold and I believe in it: we will do it. With Joel Embiid? I don't know, he lacks his FIBA ​​license and is therefore not yet eligible for selection (laugh). We'll see. »

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