Jeanne du Barry, from Maïwenn: Loli-Bahia, supermodel and favorite

“I never thought of becoming an actress,” says Loli-Bahia, who was chosen by Maïwenn who was looking for a juvenile version of herself. The resemblance is striking. Jonathan Frantini

PORTRAIT – Her casual face, her rough features, her azure blue gaze made her the face of the moment.

One meter seventy-nine, 75-58-86. If we know the measurements of Loli-Bahia, the one who embodies the young Comtesse du Barry in the Maïwenn Le Besco’s latest film, it’s because she’s also the model of the moment. One of the rare French supermodels, what’s more. Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent, Loewe, are snapping up the 19-year-old Lyonnaise. We counted: just last season, twenty-five podiums surveyed up and down, from New York to Paris and Milan…

The daughter of a former Spanish capoeira teacher with a pion for Brazil and a mother of Algerian origin owes her strange first name “to (its) double cultureshe tells us on the phone. Bahia, in Arabic means “shining beauty” and happens to be a Brazilian city. Loli is simply the diminutive of Dolores.The teenager dreamed of trombone, jazz, volleyball and the Olympics. But fate decided otherwise, the day she accompanied a friend to a modeling casting.

A striking resemblance to Maïwenn

Spotted in 2020…

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