Jennifer Hermoso has filed a complaint against the president of the Spanish federation

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The world champion, kissed on the mouth by surprise by Luis Rubiales after the coronation of La Roja at the World Cup, filed a complaint on Wednesday.

The TV series Rubiales is far from over, the Spanish player Jennifer Hermosokissed on the mouth by surprise by the boss of Spanish football Luis Rubiales after the coronation of La Roja at the World Cup, filed a complaint this Wednesday with the Spanish prosecutor’s office.

The filing of this complaint was an essential condition for the prosecution, which had opened a preliminary investigation against Rubiales at the end of August for “ ault“, can carry out prosecutions. These will now be able to be launched “as quickly as possible“, said the prosecution.

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Since a recent reform of the Spanish Penal Code, a non-consensual kiss can be considered as ault, a criminal category grouping together any type of violence.

Luis Rubiales’ forced kiss threw Spanish football into chaos and eclipsed La Roja’s Women’s World title on August 20 against England in Sydney.

A few days later, despite the rain of condemnations and appeals to leave, the head of the federation had refused to resign for “a little kiss», denouncing «a fake feminismand arguing that he got the player’s permission before kissing her. A version denied by Jennifer Hermoso who said she felt “victim of an ault“.

On Tuesday, the Spanish federation decided to sack the coach of the women’s team Jorge Vilda, a close friend of Luis Rubiales whose methods were criticized by his players, and to replace him with his former istant, Montse Tomé, the first woman to occupy this post.

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