Joan Duru in the round of 16 in Peniche

Joan Duru in the round of 16 in Peniche

There were three French in the running this Sunday morning in Peniche, where the 3rd round of the pro circuit is taking place, and there is only one left this evening. After the elimination of Maxime Huscenot during the repechage roundTiago Carrique did not pass the cut of the 16th.

The Costa Rican native surfer, who started the day with a successful draft streak, lost in the afternoon with honors, for his first participation in a round of the CT. The wildcard for this Portuguese round fell to current world number one Jack Robinson (5.93), who folded the heat in just three waves. Carrique took seven but did not score more than 4.33 (5.93 total).

Duru assures, Slater and Florence stall

But, for the tricolor clan, the blue brightening in the grayness of Supertubos came from Joan Duru. Finalist here in 2018, the Landais paid the reigning world champion Filipe Toledo. Like Robinson, the surfer from Ondres only took three waves, including a 6.17 (a nice straight tube with one knee on the board) and a 4.67. Toledo did not score anything good, with a 3.50 as the best score… Balance sheet: 10.84 for Duru and 6.17 for Toledo.

In the 8th round, the Frenchman will face the Australian Callum Robson, who defeated Maxime Huscenot in the 2nd round. During these 16th, Kelly Slater stumbled against the sensation of this beginning of the season, the Brazilian Joao Chianca. Same punishment for John John Florence, beaten by Indonesian rookie Rio Waida for … 0.13 points.

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