Joe Biden asked Congress for a large package for Ukraine and Israel

US President Joe Biden sent Congress a major budget request for 106 billion dollars. This package includes $61 billion in military aid to Ukraine and $14 billion in support to Israel.

The White House reported this on October 20 – the day after Biden addressed the nation, mentioned in his speech the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the attack of Hamas militants on Israel.

The request is necessary to strengthen national security and support US allies and partners, the Biden administration said in a statement. The allocation of funds umes that Israel will receive help in freeing hostages and providing humanitarian istance to civilians affected by the armed confrontation after the “terrifying terrorist attack by Hamas”.

Funding for Ukraine involves istance in training, equipping and supplying weapons to the country’s army “for the protection and return of sovereign territories.” Biden’s speech at the White House on October 19 became the basis for this request. In it, the American leader called both the actions of jihadists in the Middle East and the invasion of Ukraine by order of President Vladimir Putin a threat to global democracy.

Joe Biden’s administration is requesting more than 9 billion dollars for humanitarian needs – including for Ukraine, the Gaza Strip and Israel. The remaining funds are intended to finance measures to strengthen security at the American border, combat smuggling, and help refugees.

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