Joel Embiid in the France team? A “decision after the end of the season”

“You acquired French nationality last July, after having mentioned in 2018 your desire to play for the France team one day. Where are you in your thinking today?
I’ve been asked this question a lot before. There I am focused on this NBA season, because we have a good opportunity to be champion with the Sixers. I want my head to be 100% here. Afterwards, at the international level, it’s a good thing that I acquired French nationality.

“A world champion title this summer or Olympic champion next year would be really good. »

The World Cup will be played this summer between August and September (August 25 to September 10 in Japan, the Philippines and Indonesia). It will therefore not encroach on the NBA season. Could we see you there with the Blues jersey?
It would be a nice sequence yes, if I win the title with the Sixers before. A title of world champion this summer or Olympic champion next year would be really good. But I don’t know what will happen by then, because if I win in the NBA, I can be so tired behind… So it will depend on my body too.

You also acquired US citizenship in September. Since then, several American media have mentioned Team USA’s interest in you. Does the France team remain your priority? In any case, that’s what we can guess from your words.
(He is laughing) I’m only focused on the NBA. We will make the decision after the end of the season. »

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