Joël Guerriau affair: the senator’s defense is not up to par, believes Sandrine Josso’s lawyer

Facts whose “seriousness” deserves “dignity and responsibility”. This Tuesday morning on RMC, Me Julia Minkowski, the MP’s lawyer Sandrine Josso, expressed his surprise at Joël Guerriau’s defense. The centrist senator from Loire-Atlantique was indicted last Fridaysuspected of “administering to a person, without their knowledge, a substance likely to impair their discernment or control of their actions to commit or ault”.

Tuesday evening, the deputy recounted the facts on the CàVous set. “I was in the living room, he was in the kitchen. He served me a gl of champagne from the kitchen, I didn’t see the gl before drinking it,” she explained. “I took a first sip, I found that the taste was not the same as usual, it was sweet. I thought maybe it was of poor quality. He wanted us to toast a second time, a third time, I found that strange.” A few minutes later, Sandrine Josso felt palpitations. She feels “very significant discomfort, palpitations, sweating, nausea,” Julia Minkowski said on Tuesday.

She asks Joël Guerriau for something to eat, but still feels bad. A little later, the sixty-year-old insisted on serving him a second cup. The MP then said she saw her host put “a white bag in a drawer under the worktop” in the kitchen.

“I don’t understand why he accuses her of lying”

Joel Guerriau accuses Sandrine Josso of lying on this point. “He considers that she could not have seen this bag. However, it was in the kitchen drawer designated to the investigators, they found the bag during the search,” says the MP’s lawyer. “I don’t understand why he accuses him of lying on a point objectively verified by the file,” continues Me Minkowski, perplexed.

Who wonders about the “seriousness” of the facts: even while adhering to her thesis – “for the purposes of reasoning”, she specifies – of a handling error while he kept this “euphorizing” powder to treat your sick cat, “it’s very serious!” You have a hard drug in your home, as strong as MDMA, it is powdered ecstasy” and “a friend of 10 years ingests it without her knowledge”, “it is of a seriousness which in my opinion meaning demands dignity, responsibility, including in the way it defends itself…”.

“He apologized but his apologies are not complete from the moment he absolves himself of responsibility,” insists the criminal lawyer. “To drug someone without their knowledge is to abolish their free will”, “to undermine the very foundations of the freedom of each person to consent or not to a act”, she reminds, especially “at the time when absolute respect for consent is encouraged.”

🎙 Me. Julia Minkowski, lawyer for Sandrine Josso, on RMC: “Drugging someone without their knowledge is an extremely serious offense. He apologized but these apologies are not complete from the moment he disempowers.” #ApollineMatin

— RMC (@RMCInfo) November 21, 2023

If her client suffers from “post-traumatic syndrome”, she who “is not used to this feeling of vulnerability”, she is “determined” to fight, as an MP, against chemical submission, the lawyer still ures. The reactions of the taxi driver, who took her to the National embly, then that of the doctors who took care of her at the hospital, telling her they see people in her condition “every day, three times a day.” day”, reinforced her in the need to “do something against this scourge”.

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