Joey Barton acquitted after a change of version of his wife who accused him of domestic violence

SCAN SPORT – Accused of domestic violence by his wife Georgia, the former OM player will not ultimately be sentenced after a change in the latter’s statement, reveal several British media.

SCAN SPORT – Joey Barton’s domestic abuse trial has been overturned at Wimbledon Court, report the Sun and the Guardian, after a change of version of his wife Georgia. He is therefore cleared.

This case dates back to June 2 when the former midfielder allegedly hit his wife and left “a golf ball-sized bump on his head“. But his wife backtracked and sent a letter to the prosecutor’s office stating that she had gotten some details wrong and that she no longer wanted to press charges against her husband. Faced with this reversal of the situation, the judge considered that the current Bristol Rovers coach could not benefit from a “fair trial“.

A surprising change of version of the facts

Joey Barton’s wife made several statements. At first, she indicated that her husband had given her “kicks“during an attack”Unexpectedly» and in a second step, he would have left her with a nose «bloodiedafter punching her in the face, two days before their wedding anniversary at their home in Kew, south-west London. She said to herself,upset and shaken“.

Georgia Barton also admitted they were drunk when she wrote a new letter to prosecutors claiming they had been drinking.about four or five bottles of wine eachwith two other couples. A statement confirmed in view of the images taken during the arrest of the former Marseille.

She therefore then modified her first words by indicating that she was no longer sure of the accuracy of the details given on the evening of the alleged attack and highlighted the accidental nature of her injury.

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