John Herdman (Canada) after the defeat against Belgium: “I’m really proud of what they’ve done”

John Herdman (coach of the Canada, beaten 1-0 by Belgium): “My players showed tonight that we belong here. Our supporters were also incredible. They weren’t very numerous but they brought the stadium to life and we saw that we were a footballing nation. The goal was to play fearless and score first. We didn’t succeed but everything is open after the draw in the other match.

I’m really proud of what they’ve done. We must continue to stick together and believe in it. On the penalty, we hoped for this first goal for Canada. I’m proud of Alphonso (Davies), he took the ball, while a whole country was waiting for that first goal. I am proud of his courage. It was not his evening, but Courtois is also a good goalkeeper…

The stats and the expected goals are in our favour, but when the Real Madrid goalkeeper and experienced defenders are up against it, it’s not easy to score. We sometimes made one pass too many around the surface. But 22 shots, 27 crosses… I can’t complain. Now we have to leave this match behind us, even if there are lessons and positive things to be learned from it. We have a big game to play against Croatia and we deserve to be there. »

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