Johnny Depp and Dior sign a new contract at a record amount

All is well for Johnny Depp. The American actor signed a record contract with Dior last August: more than 20 million dollars to be the face of the luxury brand of the LVMH group, owner of Parisian-Today in France, for three years, in particular for the Sauvage perfume advertising campaign. The information was revealed on Friday by the American newspaper variety.

Johnny Depp has thus renewed his contract which he signed in 2015 with Dior. This is the largest contract signed for a male perfume muse: the previous record was $12 million, held by the actor Robert Pattinsonalready with Dior.

Brad Pitt and Chanel signed a $7 million deal. Normally, male celebrities make between $2 million and $4 million a year for this kind of contract, an industry insider told Variety.

The signing of this contract may surprise as Johnny Depp has found himself in turmoil in recent months. The ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star found himself in an ultra-publicized trial against his ex-wife Amber Heardwho accused him of domestic violence.

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