Jordan Bardella describes Dupond-Moretti as a “gang leader”, who spends his time “insulting the RN”

By John Timsit

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The president of the RN Jordan Bardella. JULIEN DE ROSA / AFP

Guest of BFMTV Thursday evening, the president of the RN considered that the Minister of Justice “insults people who for years have criticized the excesses of judicial laxity.”

While the Justice Ministry had severely hit the RN deputies on Tuesday in the National embly, following a question from a nationalist elected official on the murder of Thomas, the president of the party with the flame was the guest Thursday evening on BFMTV. The opportunity for Jordan Bardella to portray Éric Dupond-Moretti as a “gang leader“, Who “should have resigned» not for his legal troubles but “for his essment.»

Listing a series of news items that have taken place in recent months, the MEP considers that the minister “spends his time insulting, insulting not only the first opposition party in France, but insulting people who for years have criticized the excesses of judicial laxity.» If Jordan Bardella refused to affirm that the “zero risk” would not exist if the National Rally umed responsibility, he ironically urged the Minister of Justice to speak with “the families of the victims and the injured» by Crépol for “tell them that we can’t do otherwise» and that there is a “fatality“.

Marine Le Pen having decided to file a complaint against Éric Dupond-Moretti for his comments in the Chamber, her successor at the head of the RN indicated that it was being prepared. “I have had enough of the representatives of 42% of people who voted for Marine Le Pen in the presidential election being constantly insulted, despised, spit in the face by Mr. Véran, Mrs. Borne, Mr. Dupond-Moretti. That’s enough“, jeered the nationalist. Sweeping the “judicialization of political debate”, Jordan Bardella nevertheless hears “stop at some point“.

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