Joris Jurand officially commits to Clermont for two seasons

The ASM has confirmed the arrival of the 27-year-old Brive quarterback for two seasons.

It’s official, Joris Jurand will take the (short) direction of Clermont, after five seasons in the ranks of CA Brive. The player trained in Chateaurenard then Provence Rugby had joined Corrèze in 2018 when he belonged to Montpellier. Loaned by the MLHR as a medical joker, he will have scored 17 tries in 84 games under the white and black tunic of Brive.

Versatile player, who can play on the wing or at the back, Christophe Urios, the coach of Clermont, said he was delighted to have him under his command from next season. “I like these kind of players. He is a powerful, mobile, robust defender who is able to pose danger almost anywhere on the pitch and whose running trajectories will pose a lot of threats to opposing defences. When he carries the ball, it moves !»

The club needs boys like Joris who have roughness, character and an anything but smooth path, continued the former UBB manager, He is in line with the players who will join us, boys who will wet the shirt and fight for our colors with the ambition and the desire to advance the ASM project.»

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