Joséphine Jobert talks about her relationships with her aunt Marlène Jobert and her cousin Eva Green

INTERVIEW – On the set of “Buzz TV”, the actress who is starring in Murders in Cantal this Saturday on France 3, talks about his famous family.

After seven years spent in Murders in Paradise, Joséphine Jobert returns in Murders in Cantal, broadcast on Saturday December 2 on France 3. Filming took place a year ago, in the middle of December, in snowy Cantal. “It was very complicated,” recalls the 38-year-old actress on the set of “Buzz TV” this Friday. “My friends also made fun of me a lot because I filmed a lot in sunny places like Guadeloupe (for Murders in Paradiseeditor’s note.)“.

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The cold was the most difficult element to bear. “Sometimes we had to shoot outside while there was snow, so we had to change the work plan and adapt. There are connections to be made», she recalls before paying tribute to the production team who took great care of her. “We were pampered on this shoot. Afterwards, there is this magic when we say “action”, the body no longer feels the cold. But when we say “cut”, we run to the car and turn the heater on full blast.», she continues before listing the different tips for warming up, such as heaters and other hot drinks. “And the hairdresser came to warm us up with a hair dryer», adds the one who was discovered in Lightning in “KD2A” on France 2.

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During this interview, Joséphine Jobert also discusses her departure from the series Murders in Paradise, in 2022, after seven seasons. “I had been there for quite a few years. It’s great for an actor but at the same time, I didn’t want to stay trapped in it. And then I was absent almost six months every year, it was a bit hard for me. And I found that my character had not been explored enough in terms of his personal life.», she justifies before giving herself the opportunity to come back for a guest. After this courageous decision, Joséphine Jobert also felt “fed up” of career. “I was in a period of my life where I no longer wanted to. The yoyo was too complicated and I told myself I was going to stop. I started to turn to writing“, she remembers. Finally, the proposal of Murders in Cantal arrived and the actress changed her mind.

“My last name has neither served nor harmed me”

Joséphine Jobert on the set of “Buzz TV”

Niece of Marlene Jobert and cousin ofEva Green And Elsa Lunghini, Joséphine Jobert does not hide her pride in belonging to a family of artists. “There’s everything, my father was a director of photography, my mother too, who taught me everything. She has been on stage since she was 5 years old, she danced with Joséphine Baker. His CV is impressive», she says proudly towards Véronique Mucret-Rouveyrollis, photographer, screenwriter, author-composer and director.

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Is she still close to her cousin Eva Green with whom she played a lot as a child (“we have lots of photos when we were little“, she confides)? “It’s loosened a little, there’s no friction, just lifeanswers Joséphine Jobert. When I was 12, I moved to Quebec. Eva went to London to study», continues the one who has never felt the pressure of belonging to this big family. “When you hear “Jobert”, it clicks but as I am mixed race, you don’t think there is a direct link (with your aunt). It didn’t help me and it didn’t do me any harm either. What helped me was having good advisors, like my mother who always supported me by alerting me to the dangers of the profession, it was an opportunity for me“, she summarizes.

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