Juan Arbelaez recounts his journey to obtain French nationality

FIGARO LIVE – On the set of “Buzz TV”, the Colombian chef, new recruit of Philippe Etchebest in “Objective Top Chef” on M6, multiplies the administrative procedures to become French.

Philippe Etchebest has reinforcement. In the new season of “Objective Top Chef” which starts this Monday, September 4 on M6, the starred chef is helped by two of his colleagues: Yoann Conte And Juan Arbelaez former candidate of ” Top chef “. ” I understood from the first tasting why Philippe needed usexplains Juan Arbelaez on the set of “Buzz TV” this Monday. We arrive, we meet the parents of the candidates who are in tears. (…) It’s impossible when you’re a human being and you have a heart not to be touched. The problem when you are affected by this kind of thing is that you may forget the plate a little… “, Continues this boss of fourteen establishments in France.

“I want the best technician, the best cook in my brigade, the one who will make me shiver with a bitestill defends Juan Arbelaez. It’s clever: with Yoann, we do the sorting and Philippe will then taste blind “, adds the one who has already witnessed a spade of anger from Philippe Etchebest. ” not with ushe emphasizes. Above all, he gave us good advice. I simply saw a good big anger in front of a candidate. When Philippe says to you: “you’re lucky there’s a window between you and me”. He doesn’t even have to scream, he’s 2m10 and 200 kilos of muscle », jokes Juan Arbelaez, before emphasizing that he is « a great professional who accompanies young people to help them progress “.

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During this interview, Juan Arbelaez returned to his difficulties in obtaining French nationality. Even if he has made a career in France, he lives with a ten-year residence permit and a resident card. ” I was adopted by France, this incredible country that gave me this job but I don’t have a French pportcompletes the 35-year-old Colombian. If one day I get it, I would be very proud and very honored to be able to vote and call myself Franco-Colombian “, precise Laury Thilleman’s ex-husband who launched the administrative procedures two years ago. “I asked for it twice. It takes time, that’s normal. Sometimes, there are papers that are missing. I’m waiting “, he tells us again.

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