Julian Nagelsmann (Bayern Munich): “I am not responsible for everything”

Julian Nagelsmann (Bayern Munich coach, who remains who four games without a win in the Bundesliga): “To say that the last two weeks have not disturbed me at all would be a lie. It is logical and normal. I think everyone prefers to hear positive things about themselves rather than negative things, that’s normal too. I know that each of us needs to feel this personal responsibility, I also do for the situation in which we are.

But I also know that I am not responsible for everything. For the past two weeks my name has been mentioned excessively and not many other names. And to some extent I don’t mind that, because I know that I put a lot of effort into this work, give the players a clear plan and say I’m a decent human being and treat them well. You play a role when you win and of course also when you lose. But it is neither Joshua Kimmich, nor me, nor Manuel Neuer who are solely responsible.

It’s a team sport and so will tomorrow night. (Friday against Bayer Leverkusen). So no, I didn’t think about withdrawing. It’s just that I wanted to win these matches and on countdown day I want to be German champions and again I want to go further in the Champions League and in the DFB-Pokal (German Cup) than last year. If I feel like we’re not winning, I think about how we can win again. And that’s what I wanted to express by saying that I question myself. »

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