Julien Courbet exasperated by a dispute that has lasted for months on RTL

Last Monday, the host returned to “an emblematic case” of “It can happen to you” but ended up losing patience.

His consumer help program may have been around for over 20 years, Julien Courbet And the teams of “It can happen to you” never hesitate to try to find solutions for their struggling listeners. But last Monday, live on RTL, the 58-year-old host ended up ending his discussions with an entrepreneur involved in a dispute that has been going on for months and months. “How long have we been with the Gonzalezes?” »he asked on the air, disillusioned, addressing this issue again. “We must have called at least 17 times, I think Franck is at his wit’s end with his roof. »

The case in question, Julien Courbet spoke about it on July 7 in an RTL podcast as the most significant case of the past season. “In the Gonzalez case, there are all the ingredients of what one can expect from a program that is both informative and entertaininghad declared the moderator. We have a craftsman who rolled us in flour. The more we believed in it, the more we were fooled. He came back a dozen times on the air, it was incredible. […] Instead of saying he couldn’t come and do the work, he gave us a flurry of excuses and became popular. » The listeners of “It can happen to you” were waiting for the outcome of this case.

“I wouldn’t want to be there yet at 95”

Julien Courbet

During the summer break, Julien Courbet hoped to be able to announce a favorable outcome to this story from the start of the school year in September. In February 2022, Franck Jahnich and his wife called on Mr. Gonzalez’s company to carry out work on the roofs of their home. But despite the payment of a sum of 85,000 euros, the craftsman never finished his work. Monday on RTL, the host of “It can happen to you” tried to close this file which has lasted too long. While the customer announced his intention to file a complaint against the company to ert his rights, the artisan saw fit to declare that he was going to do the same in return for preposterous reasons.

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“It’s howling with laughterreacted an exasperated Julien Courbet. It’s a bag of knots, good if you go in front of the judge, you’re all going to have fun. I can’t wait to see Mr. Gonzalez’s summons… It’s a sick story! » As the entrepreneur tried to speak again, the RTL host put an end to the discussion by being ironic about the situation. “Come on, cut it, because we’re not going to spend the night there, we’ve been there for two years already. I wouldn’t want to be there yet at 95, it’s good, I gave. It’s finish. »

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