Julien Stéphan (Strasbourg), after the defeat in Montpellier: "I take responsibility"

Julien Stéphan (Strasbourg coach, after the 1-2 defeat in MontpellierSaturday, in Ligue 1) : " It's hard ! The scenario of the match reflects the difficult period we are going through. We are in a delicate position, but we have to accept it, not submit to it, but look it in the face. We will be engaged in a very long fight and we must face it today. The scenario is cruel, because we thought we had done the hardest part, and on a return from a set piece, we are not well aligned and we concede this penalty (transformed by Savanier, 90th + 5).

(On the workforce decimated by nine absences) I am not here to look for excuses, but to watch what is happening and above all to find solutions. We had made some interesting last matches. There, the start was pretty good, but in the second half, we had a lot of waste, even if we returned to energy. We tinkered with certain positions and it hurt us. But I take responsibility for it. I am responsible for this team and therefore I am responsible for the current situation (five draws and three losses, so only five points taken after eight days).

Liénard: “We are not going to let it get us down”

Dimitri Liénard (left piston of Strasbourg) "It's hard to find the words. We have a lot of circumstances against us, we have a decimated squad even if we don't want to find excuses. We thought we had done the worst by equalizing. In the game, we responded present but they are very strong on the stopped phases. Not much is going our way. It's hard for our supporters, but no one is cheating. We are not going to let ourselves be defeated, it is a fight and it is only by ourselves that we will be able to get out of this. We will try to please our public against Rennes (October 1, Day 9) with a first victory..."

“It turned a bit for us in the last moments”

Olivier Dall'Oglio, Montpellier coach

Olivier Dall'Oglio (Coach of Montpellier) “In recent weeks, we haven't had much success. It turned out a bit for us in the final moments (penalty converted by Savanier, 90th +5). When we concede the equalizing goal (Diallo, 86th), we say to ourselves that it will still be complicated. We really wanted to do something about this match. We put a lot of determination, not always with the quality we would have liked. There were some doubts and a lot of injuries on both sides. The two teams did not take too many risks because they were mainly looking for reassurance. So there are matches like that, which you have to know how to win..."

Arnaud Nordin (Montpellier striker) : “We worked on the fixed phases all week. I got a little laughed at because I didn't score a lot with my head (1-0 goal, 17th) and so I'm very happy. My integration is going great. At 1-1, we weren't afraid, but it's true that we tend to open the scoring and not hold it. Today, we won in pain, but it was done. It does us good and we hope to continue like this. »

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