Juliette Armanet, the stage consecration live on Canal +

Juliette Armanet, the stage consecration live on Canal +

PORTRAIT – The singer performs at the Accor Arena in Bercy for a concert broadcast live on Canal +, this Friday March 17 at 9 p.m. on Canal +.

I am extremely happy to be able to achieve this dream. I went there many times as a spectator, I was able to attend legendary concerts by Prince or more recently by Christine and the Queens“, recently explained Juliette Armanet. After a triumphant tour of the Zénith de France, the young woman will perform for the first time in her career at the Accor Arena. A fine consecration for this popular singer who has managed to garner immense public success without compromising her musical ambition. Probably because the young woman has nothing of a starlet. She also ideally embodies how singers have succeeded in recent years in imposing their vision with strength and independence.

A great requirement

Before walking the stages, Juliette Armanet was a journalist and director of documentaries for television. But the music had to catch up with her somehow. The daughter of a musician, she began composing on the family piano as a teenager, nourished by the songs of Barbara, Bashung and Souchon. Which is full of praise for him “It inevitably pleases, because it is moving, full of audacity, of modernity. At 30, after a first professional life, Juliette Armanet launched into music. It will take him three long years, punctuated by his high standards and a lot of trial and error, to release a first album that will make everyone agree, Girlfriend. A marvel of balance between classicism and audacity, with solid writing.

Virtuosity and elegance

The singer makes her difference heard, and brings in her wake a whole generation of modern and inspired singer-songwriters. A tour later, with remarkable passages in the biggest festivals, and here it is hailed by the Victoires de la Musique. But it is with her second album, Brûler le feu, that she definitely made her mark. Carried by The Last Day of Disco, a very beautiful composition inspired as much by the end of confinement as the unhappy outcome of a love story. When others use disco as a simple decor, Juliette Armanet blends in with as much virtuosity as elegance. Her ambitious and willingly extravagant show, which sees her climb on the piano in a sequined outfit, has consecrated her. She revealed herself to be a profound musician and not just a variety singer, remarkably surrounded by high-flying French artists. A formation in which we find the excellent Adrien Soleiman, saxophonist and ultra-competent arranger.

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