Juventus taxi driver refuses to sell his old Fiat Ulysse to an emir for 100,000 euros: “It’s a historical artifact, there’s the team’s history in here”

His name is Tommy Agosta, he is a Juventus player originally from Palermo and has decided to refuse a 100,000 euro offer for his taxi, a very old Fiat Ulysse. The incredible offer had come from a Saudi prince, but the taxi driver decided to refuse because for him that car represents much more than a means of transport or work: in fact, that vehicle contains not only an incredible amount of well-loved memories 170 autographs of Juventus players and managers.

The incredible story was told by Agosta to Studio Aperto: for some time the taxi driver has been found at the Continassa and not just to collect the signatures of the black and whites. So his taxi has become a “historical artifact”, at least for Juventus fans. Between the bodywork and the interiors there was a very valuable upholstery: the autographs of Buffon and Cannavaro, of Ronaldo, Dybala, Platini and even Gianni Agnelli. Cannavaro, among other things, got into that taxi immediately after winning the World Cup to visit Pessotto in the hospital. Too many, way too many memories. And there are those who swear that the prince’s offer could even go up, but he would hold firm: the (black and white) heart cannot be controlled.

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