Jvke, the music star on TikTok, is causing a sensation on the Croisette

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Jvke, 22, is a star on Tik Tok with 11.5 million subscribers, having reached No. 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with his song Golden Hour. Boyer David/Abaca

Jvke, real name Jacob Dodge Lawson, appeared on the red carpet to present a remix of his hit Golden Hour. He rose to prominence on TikTok during the 2020 lockdown.

Overexcited fans were waiting for him with a firm footing: Jvke, a star on TikTok 22-year-old, whose music has racked up a billion streams, appeared at Cannes to present a remix of one of his hits. Smiling, the young American, who has 11.5 million subscribers on this social network, was bombarded with photos by a swarm of mobile phones. Jvke -to pronounce “Jack”- came to present a new version of his hit from 2022, Golden Hour, after an order from the Magnum ice cream brand in collaboration with… NASA. Having reached the 10e place in the Billboard Hot 100 ranking, the song, which evokes “the golden hour(period after sunrise or before sunset), has been remixed by mixing it with the actual sounds of the Sun, from the database of the American Space Agency.

Real name Jacob Dodge Lawson, Jvke, a native from Rhode Islandthe smallest state in the United States, became a sensation when it started creating songs on TikTok during confinement in 2020. “I realized the success at the beginning of the Covid when I tried to make cool videos on TikTok”, told the pianist to AFP. “I did it with my mom (her first music teacher) and then I started posting my own music and it started getting a lot of views.”added Jvke, whose songs Upside Down And This Is What Falling in Love Feels Like also went viral.

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Despite his success on the networks, where he posts humorous music videos, he likes to consider himself “above all as a composer”. “Writing songs is my pride and my pleasure. I just focus on writing the best song possible.”. “I’m just a normal guy, I like spending time with my family and friends at church.”where he had written his very first songs, he said.

In his videos, he insists on his independence, refusing all offers from record companies and claims to want “prove that you don’t need a label to break into the music industry“. He has already collaborated with other artists or brands. Social media stars and influencers of all persuasions are more and more numerous to come to the Cannes Film Festivalsome even marching on the red carpet.

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