Karine Le Marchand cash on the couple formed by Patrice and Justine in “Love is in the meadow”

Invited on Monday by Franceinfo, the M6 ​​host returned to the relationship “complicated” between the suckler cow breeder and the 35-year-old Alsatian.

Monday November 20, M6 closed the doors to season 18 of “Love is in the meadow” on a disappointing record with only one couple formed. In fact, only Patrice and Justine presented themselves hand in hand in front of Karine Le Marchand . However, the exchange with the host was particularly violent. And for good reason, she did not hesitate to say to the 35-year-old Alsatian: “But we must not take revenge on Patrice, he is not responsible for what you experienced” when she admitted to having created a shell after suffering from domestic violence. Or : “You are not sharing, it is as you have decided to do and no one can do otherwise”.

Later, it was Justine’s pace of life and job searches that were the target of Karine Le Marchand’s criticism. Remarks that allowed Patrice to say what was on his heart. “Yes you can work full time, I work all day. If it continues like this, if I can talk to you honestly, today, I will end the relationship. It can’t continue like this. You’re going to tire me out. In the evening, I’m tired, I tell you that often enough. You need organization when you are a farmer. I can’t continue as we are today, it’s impossible. At one point, it will affect my work, my health, everything! I preferred to be honest with you today. I’m on the verge of breaking up, we’ve already talked about it at home. I can’t impose myself. If we are always in conflict, things could never work out”declared the farmer who had previously asked the host to intervene.

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Guest of Célyne Baÿt-Darcourt on Franceinfo, Karine Le Marchand revealed that not everything was shown. “It was worse ! It’s very complicated, imagine your best friend going out with an idiot, do you tell him? He is madly in love, he wants to stay with her. You tell him kindly once, twice: “But you know what you’re doing?” etc. And then we say: “Well, that’s life”. There, we could clearly see that Justine had behaviors that were not suited to a love affair and that Patrice, himself, was not taking his courage in both hands to set limits”confided the host, visibly very concerned about the safety of the suckler cow breeder.

“We were all afraid that there would be some sort of abuse of weakness. We monitor as much as possible. We have a psychologist who went there and spoke to both of them a lot. Both have a difficult past so it’s complicated to be a couple too”she added, emphasizing that we must not overwhelm Justine either. “Patrice came to see me before saying: “Karine, I can’t talk to Justine. I need you to help me because I don’t dare”. I said : “Are you sure ?”. He tells me : “Yes, there are a lot of things wrong”. I told him : “Okay, look, I’m going to ask all the questions, but I need you to answer.”. And that’s what he did. It was enough to help him”, she said. And to conclude: “Afterwards, that’s life, afterward people do what they want and there are people who prefer to be poorly accompanied than alone”.

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