Karine Le Marchand is preparing a documentary on immigration

Karine Le Marchand called for witnesses on social networks for a documentary on immigration that she is producing for M6. Patrick Aventurier / ABACA

The host of “L’amour est dans le pré” is launching a new project for the M6 ​​channel and posted a video on social networks to talk about it.

“If you are proud of your origins, if you obviously love France, if you are proud of the journey of your ancestors and yours (…), contact us”. Tuesday September 12, Karine Le Marchand launched a call for witnesses on his Instagram account.

The host of “Love is in the meadow”emission whose audiences for the 18th season are still at the top, revealed the outlines of a new project. In a video, the presenter of M6 explained that she was launching the production of a documentary on the theme of immigration. “I am calling for witnesses, I am producing a major documentary on immigration which will be called “The new French, 100 years of immigration for M6. We are looking for people who came to France, either from your generation, your parents or your grandparents”, she explained with the two directors of the future film. The latter gave the types of reasons for immigration that interested them: “War, political, social reasons, love or studies” they clarified.

In the text of her post, the M6 ​​host gives some additional details. “We are looking for testimonies from people who have migrated (over three generations) if possible with photos and videos. If you are of Italian, Lebanese, Armenian, Malagasy, Spanish, Portuguese, Algerian, Moroccan, Tunisian, Sub-Saharan Africa (Mali, Senegal, Congo, etc.), Chinese, Cambodian or Vietnamese, Turkish, Syrian, Comorian, Chilean, Afghan origin …If you are proud of your origins AND your journey in France, contact us at [email protected]. »

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This is not the first time that Karine Le Marchand has used social networks to find relevant witnesses for the documentaries she produces. In February 2022, she launched a casting call to find farmers who could testify in her film called Peasant families: 100 years of history. The host is also working on a documentary entitled The new romantic and behaviors of the French. Two new meetings which will soon be broadcast on M6.

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