Karine Le Marchand reveals that Patrice asked her to intervene with Justine during the review of “Love is in the meadow”

Since their meeting as part of the M6 ​​romance program, the 35-year-old Alsatian has been very authoritarian with the suckler cow breeder.

Monday evening, season 18 of ” Love is in the meadow “ on M6 closed its doors to a particularly commented outcome. And for good reason, Patrice And Justine have been talked about a lot. The breeder of suckler cows and carrier of hemiplegia from birth fell under the spell of the young woman. But, over the course of the episodes, this proved to be extremely authoritarian. Enough to make the farmer doubt.

During their romantic stay in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Patrice preferred to be honest with Justine by admitting to her that she was thinking about continuing their relationship. ” I’m wondering “he replied when she asked him if he still loved her.

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An eventful review of “Love is in the meadow”

In conclusion, the two lovers presented themselves in front of Karine Le Marchand together. But the M6 ​​host seemed to want to send a message to Justine. When the latter justified having created a shell for herself after suffering from domestic violence, Karine Le Marchand did not hesitate to tell her: “But we must not take revenge on Patrice, he is not responsible for what you experienced”.

During the exchange, the 35-year-old Alsatian admitted that she did not like her image in the show. “You are not sharing, it is as you have decided to do and no one can do otherwise”, noted the host. Wishing Patrice happiness, she then spoke of the lack of effort on Justine’s part on her pace of life. “I haven’t necessarily measured the daily life of a farmer”, admitted the latter. And the breeder warns: “We need to get back to normal schedules, eat at eight in the evening, enjoy an evening. We cook late in the evening, at half past eight, nine o’clock and sometimes eat at ten, ten thirty.”.

“Patrice couldn’t talk to Justine”

Karine Le Marchand

Concerning Justine’s job search, Karine Le Marchand was once again uncompromising when she explained that she wanted to work part-time first. Sitting next to him, Patrice then took the opportunity to tell him: “Yes you can work full time, I work all day”. “ If it continues like this, if I can talk to you honestly, today, I will end the relationship. It can’t continue like this. You’re going to tire me out. In the evening, I’m tired, I tell you that often enough. You need organization when you are a farmer. I can’t continue as we are today, it’s impossible. At one point, it will affect my work, my health, everything! I preferred to be honest with you today. I’m on the verge of breaking up, we’ve already talked about it at home. I can’t impose myself. If we are always in conflict, things could never work out”he blurted out without restraint.

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A visibly orchestrated reframing. Indeed, in a story posted on his Instagram account, Karine Le Marchand wanted to reveal behind the scenes of this exchange. “Many will have understood: Patrice asked us, asked me to intervene during the essment because he couldn’t talk to Justine, to help her put everything back on the table”admitted the presenter, probably satisfied. “Look, apparently it paid off.”she stressed.

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