“Koh-Lanta, the sacred fire”: Tania saves her head again, Laura eliminated

And 32! On the occasion of the episode of “Koh-Lanta, the sacred fire” broadcast this Tuesday evening on TF 1, Tania broke the record a little more that she already held: that of the greatest number of votes against a candidate in the history of the show. In danger since the start of the season, the Benjamin of the adventure managed to save her head once again, more than ever deserving of her nickname of “phoenix” of the game.

Having been pushed towards the exit by her teammates last week, the young woman was able to return to the competition thanks to a duel won against Esteban. By production decision, this victory also allows her to glean a valuable clue to the location of an immunity necklace that she will find on her return to the camp. It won’t be too much!

An immunity collar in your pocket

Better, Denis Brogniart tells him the location of a chest containing “treasures” nourishing “the soul and the body”. Tania intends to take advantage of this advantage to enhance her prestige within the tribe. Cleverly, she goes to get the trunk containing rice, fruit and letters with her most constant detractor, Quentin. Forced to choose only six objects, the dietician offers her the reading of her family missive, thus hoping to coax her into the perspective of the next Council meeting.

The physiognomy of the latter takes shape from the next immunity test. Through a labyrinthine confrontation, the victorious Nicolas makes himself untouchable, when Quentin, dead last, leaves with a vote against him. Having had a “black vote” since the previous episode, the carpenter decides without flinching to vote against Tania twice. Too bad for the recognition… The young woman also inherits a third ballot against her, that of Laura, also in the hot seat.

This aquatic photographer is precisely the victim of a motley alliance made up of Nicolas, Frédéric, Tania and Julie. With one vote, she was ousted after 35 days of survival. Height of audacity, Tania did not even play her immunity necklace. She can therefore be untouchable during the next episode, the last before the orienteering race in which she is in principle sure to participate. An unexpected journey for the one who was eliminated for the first time from the 4th episode of this season of “Sacred Fire”. Hat !

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