“Koh-Lanta, the sacred fire”: the festival of Tania and Élodie

“Koh-Lanta, the sacred fire”: the festival of Tania and Élodie

A real Calimero! “Yeah, yeah, I shot the black ball again. “Yes, yes, everyone is talking behind my back. “Yeah, yeah, I’m super strong but I can’t show it.” “Yes, yes, I am the next to go out”… This Tuesday evening, in “Koh-Lanta, the sacred fire” on TF 1, we heard a lot of Élodie getting upset on her own and getting her head off by putting on a show in front of her comrades from the red team.

Admittedly, the 35-year-old Belgian has shot three black balls in the last four events. After the draw between the women of her tribe before each game in order to balance the forces present (the yellows have one less woman in their team since the 4th day), she could not participate. She has therefore for the moment only experienced two team fights out of the five that have taken place.

The 35-year-old Belgian Elodie played the role of calimero so much that she ended up annoying her teammates on the red team.
The 35-year-old Belgian Elodie played the role of calimero so much that she ended up annoying her teammates on the red team. Issock/ALP/TF1

Before going to the elimination council in this week’s issue, the reds had just chained three defeats and, logically, the members evoked the idea of ​​​​eliminating one of them who would be physically weaker. Élodie took it for herself – when in reality she was not necessarily targeted – and delivered such a number, that she annoyed everyone and even ended up collecting three votes against her, narrowly escaping to elimination. In the end, it was the strategist Alexandre, who had never managed to unite other candidates against the strongest, who left the game.

Another adventurer very highlighted in this third episode: Tania, 23, dietician from Seine-Saint-Denis. Among the yellows, like her comrade Benjamin, the youngest of the candidates spends hours sitting by the fire rather than working on the camp.

Since the beginning, she has therefore been in the crosshairs of her comrades who would like to get her out as soon as possible. However, following the victory of the yellows in the comfort test, the young woman recovered the talisman of the sacred fire from the hands of her opponent but rallied Rudygiving him protection from elimination.

Tania, a talisman for not much

If the tribe was delighted to have won three kilos of rice – recovered in a rice field – the Paniman quickly understood that the comparison between the red Rudy and the yellow Tania wasn’t going to make their case any easier. At the end of a new collective victory in the immunity test, the holder of the talisman went to stay for a few hours on the red camp and was able to attend their council by protecting one of them there. Before she went there, the yellows tried to explain to her that she had to weaken the opposing tribe, by saving a candidate targeted by her partners, or even by contributing to the elimination of Rudy himself. …

“It made me laugh so much, then launched Tania aside in front of the camera. I owe it to Rudy to help him if ever he is in danger, rather than helping people who want to eject me. “Still trying to please everyone to try to find a more comfortable place among the yellows, she ended up choosing to protect Christine, a name mentioned by her comrades upstream. However, this was not threatened and Tania therefore preferred to waste her power rather than take the slightest risk. Damage.

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