Kommersant learned about the arrest of the commanders of the army and air defense division in the case of a bribe

The Moscow Garrison Military Court sent Major General Konstantin Ogienko to a pre-trial detention center on charges of bribery. It is reported by “Kommersant”.

According to the publication, until recently, Ogiyenko was the commander of the 1st Special Purpose Air and Missile Defense Army, which is responsible for protecting the skies over Moscow. The court extended his arrest until November 27, 2023, according to Kommersant.

According to investigators, Ogiyenko received a bribe from the Nadezhda public organization for the allocation of defense land. It follows from the materials of the case that the head of the organization collected money from a number of organizations and citizens, promising to provide them with land plots in the near Moscow region.

It was about the amount of 30 million rubles. It is noted that the woman handed over 500,000 rubles. of which the commander of the 4th Air Defense Division, Major General Dmitry Belyatsky. The final recipient of the money was Ogienko. Ogienko. A case was initiated against the head of Nadezhda under Part 5 of Art. 291 of the Criminal Code (giving a bribe), against the general – under part 6 of Art. 290 of the Criminal Code (bribery on an especially large scale).

Byalyatsky partially admitted his guilt and petitioned for the conclusion of a pre-trial cooperation agreement with him. He promised to reveal the facts of corruption known to him. According to Kommersant, Byalyatsky is under house arrest. Ogiyenko refused to admit involvement in corruption.

The newspaper writes that now the investigation and the Ministry of Defense are conducting an inventory of the defense and security lands igned to the 1st Air Defense Army. According to law enforcement agencies, part of the land could be withdrawn from military circulation for bribes. Representatives of the command of the air and missile defense forces are also checked for such bribes, Kommersant notes.

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