Kommersant: the number of applications for the repair of household appliances has increased in Russia

Russia recorded an increase in requests for warranty repairs of domestic household appliances by 20% from 2022, Kommersant reported, citing sources in one of the manufacturers.

The rise in warranty use is due to the departure of international brands last year. The Chinese and Russian markets have replaced the left producers, – in 2022 in a segment of small household appliances 50.8 million devices were sold (1.4% more than in 2021) or for 1.7% in money (up to 223.5 billion rubles), follows from the data of the Holodilnik.ru online store.

The press service of the Citilink store said that most often buyers return meat grinders, steam generators, vacuum cleaners, multicookers, etc. under warranty. However, the representative office emphasized that the share of such requests in 2022 was “stable and in line with the previous period.”

At the same time, the M.Video-Eldorado group was told that “the majority of federal retail chains do not observe an increase in such appeals for household appliances.” According to the group’s estimates, the ratio of marriage-related calls to the total number of vehicles remained at the level of 2019-2021.

On March 7, Kommersant sources said that distributors and manufacturers faced a surplus of household appliances in warehouses. According to sources, the reason for its occurrence was the high demand for it last spring, when manufacturers and suppliers purchased goods due to fears of their shortage in warehouses. As a result, the ordered goods arrived at the warehouses only in autumn, when the demand for equipment decreased.

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