Kraków: The court set the date of the appeal hearing for actor Jerzy S.

On June 30, the District Court in Krakow set the date of the appeal hearing regarding Jerzy S.’s driving while intoxicated. However, this date may be at risk due to the actor’s health condition.

An appeal against the verdict was filed with the court at the end of April. The prosecutor’s office is demanding a higher penalty – 45,000. PLN fine and payment of PLN 25,000. PLN for the Victims’ istance and Post-penitentiary istance Fund. The hearing is scheduled for the end of June.

His son Maciej said about the poor health of the actor on Monday in the podcast “WojewódzkiKędzierski”. As he admitted, the actor is being treated in the intensive care unit.

For driving while intoxicated, in March, the court imposed a driving ban on Jerzy S. for three years, a fine of PLN 12,000 and a fine of PLN 12,000. PLN and 6 thousand. PLN for the Victims’ istance and Post-penitentiary istance Fund. Defender Jakub Dzwoniarski wanted a lower financial penalty – PLN 12,000. PLN and 5 thousand PLN for the Victim istance Fund and Post-penitentiary istance. Both the prosecutor and the defense asked for a three-year driving ban.

At the end of April, the prosecutor’s office also objected to the verdict for Jerzy S. for causing a threat to road traffic, raising the charge of gross disproportionate fine imposed on the accused and demanding that the case be examined on general terms. The appeal deadline in this case was set for August 2.

At the end of March, the District Court for Kraków-Krowodrza found actor Jerzy S. guilty of endangering road safety while under the influence of alcohol, and fined him PLN 3,000. zloty. An application to the court to punish Jerzy S. for causing a traffic hazard on October 17, 2022, the police sent on March 1 this year (PAP)

by Julia Kaleba


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