La Ciivise will continue its work, says the Secretary of State for Children

ociations feared its disappearance. The Independent Commission on Incest and Violence Against Children (Ciivise) will continue to exist with expanded missions, ured the Secretary of State for Children on Sunday, November 19.

“I hope that the work of the Civil Society will continue, with a new roadmap”declared Secretary of State, Charlotte Caubel, in an interview with Sunday newspaper

Chaired by children’s judge Edouard Durand and ociation manager Nathalie Mathieu, Ciivise was created in March 2021, in the wake of the shock wave caused by the book The big family by Camille Kouchner, accusing her father-in-law, political scientist Olivier Duhamel, of raping his twin brother.

“M crime”

In the space of two years, the commission collected nearly 30,000 testimonies and submitted a report to the government with 82 recommendations to fight against this “m crime” which affects, according to her, 160,000 children each year. But the executive has until now maintained vagueness about the future of this commission, to the great concern of the ociations who want it to continue its work.

According to Ms. Caubel, the Ciivise aims to continue to exist but by broadening its missions, notably beyond the sole question of incest. “We must now address other essential subjects in my opinion: the impact of online child crime on real child crime, access to ography and therefore the ity education of our children”she listed. “There is also the prostitution of minors, which is becoming a huge subject. »

The minister is speaking on the eve of the government’s announcement of a 22-part plan against violence against children. However, it will not be limited to violence.

Ms. Caubel also did not give any indication on the fate of Judge Durand, defended by a number of ociations but whose future at the head of the Ciivise seems fragile.

Its media aura, the repeated questioning of the dysfunctions of the judicial treatment of violence and its independence annoy, according to observers.

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