La Poste: here is the new face of Marianne which will be present on the stamps

The stamps have a new face. This Tuesday, from the La Poste printing press in Boulazac (Dordogne), the Head of State unveiled the new face of Marianne for the postal stamp for the five years to come. He is of tradition that at each change of five-year term, the president chooses the stamp commonly used for his mandate, recalls La Poste in a press release. Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron chose a Marianne symbolizing the ecological transition.

In profile, face turned to the right, peaceful gaze, loose hair merging with a vegetated area and wearing a Phrygian cap, this “Marianne of the Future” succeeds “Marianne the committed” chosen in 2018. The graphic designer and illustrator Olivier Balez, who is the author, wanted to “participate in the story of the climate emergency without falling into something anxiety-provoking”, he explained to AFP, “his long neck diagonally symbolizes the momentum towards the future.

“This Marianne is a sign of the times and a call to always continue and strengthen our commitments, alongside all French people and economic and social actors, by acting for ecological transformation and ensuring our service missions public throughout the country,” underlined the CEO of the La Poste group, Philippe Wahl. This new face of Marianne will adorn commonly used stamps from Monday, November 13.

The only stamp printing house in France

During his trip, the President of the Republic made a point of greeting the “transformation” of La Poste, an “immense challenge with all the changes in usage of our time”. Just 15 years ago, letters represented 70% of La Poste’s turnover, whereas today they only account for 70% of La Poste’s turnover. more than for 16%according to Philippe Wahl.

“You have been able to turn these challenges into levers of transformation, by creating new jobs, new opportunities”, with in particular the expansion of parcels, the Postal Bank or services for the elderly, indicated the president before the factory employees and local elected officials.

Established since 1970 in Boulazac, near Périgueux, the stamp printing plant, the only one in France, employs around 400 employees, including engravers and designers. Each year, nearly a billion French stamps come out of its presses, which also produce for other countries, notably Japan.

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