La Rochelle almost complete to challenge Leinster in the Champions Cup final

It’s a perfect time to see the infirmary empty. While the Rochelais will face this Saturday (5:45 p.m.) in Dublin Leinster in the final of the Champions Cup, Ronan O’Gara displayed this Monday during a press conference his satisfaction to see that his group was almost complete.

“That’s what’s fantastic for me, it’s only Matthias Haddad-Victor who is injured, all the others are available”, he explained. To the question of whether the returns to competition of Yoan Tanga and Jonathan Danty last Saturday in Montpellier seemed to him sufficient for the two players to be part of the group against Leinster, Ronan O’Gara responded favorably. “I was happy with the things I saw (for Jonathan Danty), he added. There is a hesitation on whether he will start or finish the game. »

The international center had been hit in the ribs during the reception of Bayonne on April 16 (26-6 victory).

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