La Tanière refuge zoo collects 2.5 million euros in 15 days!

La Tanière refuge zoo collects 2.5 million euros in 15 days!

They dreamed of it, the donors did it! Patrick and Francine Violas collected 2.5 million euros in 15 days, after the call for donations launched on social networks on February 18, to save their refuge zoo on the edge of the abyss. La Tanière collects wild and domestic animals, trafficked, seized by the courts, mistreated… But the health crisis did not allow the opening of the refuge under the required conditions, causing a colossal shortfall of 7 million euros. .

“Our call of February 28 at 6:30 p.m., I will remember it all my life! There will be a before and after this date! », Moves Patrick Violas. Indeed, in 15 days, a very large chain of solidarity was set up and more than 50,000 donations made it possible to raise the sum. “A person gave us the exact amount of his pension, children came with their piggy banks, influencers and celebrities also supported us”, enthuses Patrick Violas. He recounts, not without emotion, the gift of a woman whose husband was killed during the attack at the Bataclan and who gave the shelter the compensation received at the end of the trial. So many stories that never cease to delight and surprise the couple who also continue their communication on social networks.

“We have doubled the number of our subscribers”

Because the refuge is saved immediately but we must not relax the effort. La Tanière, which lives throughout the year on donations and entries, must perpetuate its activity. Les Violas hopes to have “a good year”, for which it is necessary to register 170,000 admissions. But they intend to take advantage of their new notoriety to continue saving animals. “We have doubled the number of our subscribers, we are followed and encouraged by influencers who give us visibility. I’m not worried about the future,” adds Patrick Violas.

It is all the more serene as many bequests are planned for the years to come. They will participate in ensuring the future of the refuge, in addition to commercial activities and regular donations. But the couple’s ambition is to make access free for everyone within 4 years: “It would be a big step for La Tanière, we’re working on it! »

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