lackluster finish for Bardot on France 2

Audiences on Monday, May 22, 2023 for programs broadcast in the first part of the evening.

Monday evening, TF1 came first in the audience with Les Randonneuses. The mini-series worn by Clémentine Célarié attracted just over 4 million followers and 21.5% of the public. M6 is second. The continuation of season 7 of “Married at first sight” was watched by 2.5 million viewers, or 11.9% market share.

France 2 offered the last two episodes of the Bardot event series. Only 1.97 million people counted in front of the final, or 10% market share. In one week, the mini-series with Julie de Nunez in the skin of the actress lost 200,000 viewers and 0.8 points of PDA. It should nevertheless be remembered that France Télévisions had put all the episodes online two weeks ago, as soon as the television broadcast started.

On DTT, only C8 exceeds one million with Commissioner Magellan (1n2 million and 6.3% of the public).

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