Laëtitia Milot in tears and out of breath after an ordeal in “Fort Boyard”

The actress had a hard time finding normal breathing after the “Rodeo Dino” in the last episode of the season of the game presented by Olivier Minne on France 2.

A fourth intense participation. Saturday night, Laetitia Milot participated in the last season number of “Fort Boyard” broadcast in the first part of the evening on France 2. Isabelle Morini Bosc, Amaury Vili or Nicholas Waldorf made up his team which played for an ociation dedicated to the endometriosis from which the actress suffered, revealed in More beautiful life.

The latter will surely remember the so-called “Dino Rodeo” event for a long time. Sitting on a rodeo that moves in all directions, the candidate must show balance so as not to fall and recover the key. “Oulala“Says Laëtitia Milot immediately as soon as she is installed on the mechanical beast. After a first fall, she is struck. “I can’t do it anymore, I’m getting old, it’s not possible!“, comments the 43-year-old star who will fall a second time before obtaining the key, his very first in this game. A banner at the bottom of the screen indicates that the candidate has some notions of horse riding since the TV movie Bonded for lifeadapted from his bestselling book.

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The exit will happen on all fours for Laëtitia Milot, out of breath. “I can’t take it anymore, I’m at the end of my lifeshe yells. “It was too too hard“, she adds, tears in her eyes, and while Nicolas Waldorf comes to hug her. Animator Olivier Minne also appears to comfort her and remove the helmet from her head. “I can’t take it anymore, I was at the end of it, I had no more strength“, she confides again to the comrades of her adventure before wiping away a tear and trying to find a normal breathing. “You gave everything for the team, you are a generous woman», Congratulates the presenter of the show before the warm applause of the team.

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