Laëtitia Milot joins the cast of Tomorrow belongs to us

After having been one of the faces of More beautiful life on France 3, the actress will play in the TF1 soap opera shot in Sète.

The actors who lend their features to the intrigues of soap operas are legion, as well as the intrigues. On TF1, tomorrow belongs to us brings the Sète sun to the viewers’ lounge every evening. According to our colleagues from Entertainment TV a new actress will soon join the cast. Laetitia Milot will play Angélique, Sara’s aunt (Camille Genau) for a new narrative ark. “I had a request to be a “guest” in tomorrow belongs to usthe time of a plot which will be broadcast this summer”, explains the actress.

A return to film sets

About her character, Laëtitia Milot says: “I play Angelique, Sara’s aunt. She returns to Sète to spend time with her. He’s a character I’ve never played before. She has a big secret. He is a very interesting character, who has a wide range of feelings and emotions. It’s an emotional lift with her…”. She ures him, viewers will “to be surprised !”. A return to the sets for the actress who has not filmed since 2021. She became the mother of a little girl and wanted “make the most of his little miracle”. “It did me good and I don’t regret at all taking those two years for us. They were two great years.” she adds.

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From one soap opera to another, there is only one step and Sète is ultimately not so far from Marseille. As a reminder, Laëtitia Milot was part of the cast of the first hours of the France 3 soap opera, More beautiful life . From 2004, she played Mélanie Rinato, waitress at the Mistral bar alongside Roland, embodied by the late Michael Cordes and Thomas Marci (Laurent Kérusoré). She left the show in 2018.

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